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Sultanate of Oman
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P.O. Box 258, PC 134
Jawharat Al'Shati
Sultanate of Oman
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The mandate of Salalah Free Zone is driven by Oman 2020 vision and Oman economic development goals. The Free Zone will play an active role in delivering the Sultanate’s goal of being one of the most desirable and advantageous locations to do business in the world, diversifying the economy and supporting the development of value added activities to drive employment and knowledge.

Salalah Free Zone is to develop a unique value proposition with the necessary incentives to drive FDI inflows and attract international companies to set up business, beyond trade, boosting the economic and industrial development of Oman. Salalah Free Zone aims to strengthen the link between Oman business and the global economy by giving the Salalah and Omani workforce more exposure to international best practices and providing them with opportunities to build valuable experience and capabilities in industrial sectors, of international standard. The Free zone will support the overall development of the Salalah region by acting as a catalyst or even direct investor to enhance Salalah community services offering such as healthcare, education, tourism and others.