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The SFZ land is divided into two main areas, Adhan and Raysut.

Plot 1 to the south will overall cater for light industries and services. The intersection between the two plots is planned as a linear Green Park where the main water channel is designed to run through in the middle and where logistics offices are located with a prime location and view. The urban design concept consists of dividing the area into rectangular blocks following an orthogonal grid of around 350 m. In each of the 700x700 m blocks (50ha each block), there is an amenity area located in the center.

The western half of the Raysut site (Plot 2) south of the Wadi was selected to be the most appropriate site for the Chemical and Material Processing Cluster as well as the Manufacturing and Assembly activities. This is excluding the area immediately to the west of the existing Octal/Methanol plants which is designated for logistics businesses (because of the proximity and direct access to the port) and a large workers’ housing block. The area between the north of the Wadi and the Sultan Qaboos Road is reserved for medium and light industries due to the narrow depth of this strip.