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P.O. Box 87, PC 217
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: (+968) 23132500
Fax: (+968) 23212998


P.O. Box 258, PC 134
Jawharat Al'Shati
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: (+968) 24601333
Fax: (+968) 24694555

Dunes Oman is a manufacturer of brake parts and truck components for automotive manufacturers. The company is a subsidiary of Brakes India and TRW a leader in automotive safety and one of the biggest automotive suppliers. The Salalah Free Zone has allowed the company to reduce shipping lead times and raw materials costs. Additionally, the mild climate of Salalah has allowed Dunes Oman to set up a foundry, which would have been more challenging in other locations in the region. Furthermore, with its plans to export to the United States, the company will be taking advantage of the US-Oman Free Trade Agreement which exempts brakes imported from Oman from any customs duties giving the company a competitive edge over its competitors.

Dunes Oman LLC (FZC):

  • Tel: (+968)2321 9258/87
  • Fax:(+968) 2321 9259
  • Address: Post box No: 171, Postal code 217, Auqad , Salalah

PGC Textile Corporation & Division is the largest and flagship service of PGC group and one of South India's largest Industrial and Manufacturing conglomerates with footprints in Textile, Garments, Retail, Information Technology, Health Care and Fitness. The company is the printing and Embroidery business. The company has found SFZ's infrastructure and strategic location to be advantageous in the service its customers.